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April 28, 2018 - Cheers to Eggs

It had become habit to me to eat very few eggs, mainly because of the way the hens were raised, and partly because of misguided health messaging from heart institutes.  Now, however, eggs have been finally given the all "ok" stamp (about time) and an abundant source of eggs are available from farmers who actually care about the hens, and feed them as my grandma would have. What joy to see those bright orange yolks I'd given up seeing anywhere except the UK and Europe, and tasting eggs from  hens that peck around outside and from food scraps.  

Ever since winning a trip to France for a recipe I created once to pair with Houghton's White Burgundy, I've had a penchant for throwing my hat in the ring, this time for Eggland's Best, who are sourcing eggs from farmers over America with strict guidelines on how they are raised, never any antibiotics or hormones, and lots of good stuff in their food.  

Here's my two recipes that were great fun to play with - the rul…

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