Unexpected Tasmania - the ultimate package!

The stunning Wine Glass Bay where you can
swim with dolphins (without a wetsuit)

Had I any idea of what was going to unfold before me after leaving Devonport, on Tasmania’s north west coast, to tour the best of Tasmania’s food, wine and tourism highlights, I would have begged for 2 weeks, not 1!  It is absolutely amazing what the Tasmanians have managed to fit into such a small island, yet with relaxed grace, charming country hospitality and plenty of the most glorious wilderness I’ve ever seen!

A relaxing lunch of Beetroot-crusted Ocean Trout
and Josef Chromy Sparkling Blush
in the winery restaurant.

World class wines are the norm and all have great stories behind them.  The air is seriously the cleanest in the world, the beaches the most pristine, the bed of green pastures have a lushness you’d expect in Wales, and the rainforests and native trees of the wilderness only moments from civilization. And then there’s the unique animals – wallabies, echidnas and that famous Tasmanian devil that world scientists have banded together to preserve. 

Renowned Australian chef and Tasmanian Ambassador
with his prized Ocean Trout
Pair this with farmers’, fishers’ and purveyors’ strong commitment to the quality of their "art", in its purest and simplest form, with no sacrifice, and a care for their environment  can be tasted in every bite of the artisan cheese, seafood, honey, prepared foods and meat. Everything tastes so marvelously fresh, green and real!   And talented chefs who embrace the locality and surrounds abound in the smallest cafes to the most glorious luxury resorts!  The fact that coffee to die for no matter where you are – pub or fine dining - doesn’t hurt any either!

Port Arthur historic convict settlement
Then there’s the options for tour buffs whether groups or just people with specific passions:  museums of every shape, form and theme dotted all over the island, water activities from the wildest whitewater rafting, to diving in kelp beds with sea horses, to swimming with dolphins in crystal clear warm water, whale watching, trout and deep sea fishing and hiking options for the extreme adventurers wanting challenging terrain and overnight cabins, to the day trippers looking for historical strolls.

As for where you care to lay your head at night, there is the most exclusive and luxurious resorts in wllderness or city to a plethora of quaint bed and breakfasts where breakfast are prepared with love and locality.  And all else inbetween.

Keep posted as I recount my journey, step-by-step, and bring to you the people, their passions, the scenes, the food, wine, culture, where to stay and what to do in this most diverse little package of an island!  So, when you plan your trip to Australia, land in Melbourne or Sydney and turn right!  You’ll not regret it!  In the meantime, if the bug has already hit, you can go to www.discovertasmania.com  to find out more and start planning your magical vacation in Down Under-Down Under.


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