A Glimpse into Hobart

Creative, Mindful and Clever are words I would choose to describe how the evolution of Hobart has flown over the last 20 years, much like I observed in different ways in the rest of Tasmania, particularly when it comes to gastronomy, wine culture and arts.

On a culinary note, the are has focused on local to a degree unlike anywhere I've met before, largely, I'd say because "local" in Hobart means some of the finest quality wine, produce, cheese, meat, whisky, preserves, and pretty much anything else needed to put together a culinary experience.  A chefs dream I'd say, which is why so many are flocking there from the mainland.  From chefs bringing fine dining experiences, gastronomic wine bars, farms with cooking schools and culinary stores that showcase the best of Tasmanian fare, the city has become the new "hot" on the foodie travel agenda.

Here's just a small sampler of my epicurean encounters while visiting:

Daci and Daci, run by a humble husband and wife team, is just a nestled on a side street just a block from the water and shopping area of downtown.  Outdoor and indoor seating beckons for lunches of the freshest sandwiches, quiches and salads, and then dreamy breads and pastries for satisfying every food passionado's (hmm, like my new word?) between meal craving.

From top: Quiche home made every afternoon, cornish pasties (savoury pies), macaroons worthy of Bouchon claim, mini pavlovas, divine breads, hot cross buns....... and the list goes on!

Salamanca is a must do for anyone remotely interested in, well, anything!  It is famous for its regular Saturday 'Salamanca Market' and a whole street of 19th century sandstone buildings which were the warehouses of the Port of Hobart for about 100 years. These historic buildings and Hobart's waterfront from Salamanca Place to Hunter Street are a fine example of Australia's maritime history.
For starters, try Wursthaus just on a side street back from the main drag boasts the most extensive range of Tasmanian food, wine and cooking ingredients.  They are also renowned for their home-made sausages and charceuterie and hold regular dinners and cooking classes. A must do!
A mind-blowing selection of sausages are available at Wursthaus

Follow that up with lunch at Cargo Bar where you can watch life go by, either bustling on a Saturday when the market is in full swing, or at a more "Tasmanian" easy going pace during the week, and enjoy some of Hobart's best pizzas and truly rustic Italian salads. Don't miss their exquisitely genuine gelato to wander the rest of the streetside stalls.

Wander up the markets, towards the water, and you'll find galleries, unique shops or local and international wares and more cafes and wine bars.  Don't miss Matthew Evans "A Common Grounds", a marvellous store of Bruny Island Cheeses (yum x 100) and local produce, and great lunch spot!

And as a finale for the day, grab a coffee at Doctor Coffee in a small arcade on Salamanca. A coffee junkie must, that is sure to satisfy the fussiest afficionado, and you'll sometimes even be .....entertained!

If you're in the mood for "old world, and the most elegant fine dining at one of Hobart's most long-standing restaurants, you must try Lebrina just a few minutes drive from downtown.

Set in an 1840s cottage, this restaurant offers fine food served in comfortable surroundings. The small rooms of the original cottage have been retained so there are only two or three tables in each, offering an intimate yet convivial atmosphere for diners. The wine list has been carefully selected and includes several Tasmanian offerings.
The most tender Abalone Salad I have ever enjoyed!
Chef Scott Minervini applies his wide experience, talent, and refined aesthetic sensibilities to French and northern Italian classics to compose  perfectly executed dishes that are new, stylishly vibrant, and deeply satisfying. As befits Tasmania’s climate and rich larder, his menus are exquisite orchestrations of seasonal flavours using ingredients from the wide network of specialist producers he cultivates.

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