06/07/2015 - Dog Day Afternoon at Cavallo Point Lodge


A beautiful balmy day, sun shining and sparkling off the San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate standing majestically overhead. And, dogs aplenty on Sunday June 7 at Cavallo Point Lodge to benefit Marin Humane Society!  It was a gathering of canines like no other, happily co-mingling, between legs and on laps.  Here's a snapshot of doggie delights!

"Ooo, that sun is bright. I knew I shouldn't have had that sixth martini!"


"How embarrassing - she's dressed us all matchy-matchy again!"

"Gosh I like your curls darling - who's your stylist?"

Some played Hide-n-seek. "Ha! If I can't see them, they can't see me, right?'

"Yes please, pretty please!" 

"I don't mean to be rude, but did you see the one dressed in the frills?  Hahaha, cute!" 

Humph!  Just jealous! Just jealous!  That's all they are! I will not humor it!"

"Oh, dear, I'm starting to fade....yep, legs getting weak, dozing off now, get the hint??"

"Ahhh, better! Nothing like a soft shoulder,  
Hmmm, and a good view of the food. Wouldn't mind a snack actually.... now, when she turns her head..."



"Hey, How'd she get up there?"

"Never you mind, I ain't sharing! Aaaaahhhh, luxury, My that sun is nice!"

"Well, that's me for the day! Night,night!"

"Hey, stop smiling good looking, she's taking the photo of me, not you!"

That's all folks!


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