Salmon Marinated in Lemon Grapeseed Oil

As it gets warmer, my mind races to eating outdoors, more fish and grilling.  I love the recipe created by my good friends at Salute Sante - simple, luxurious and healthy.  Just add some Spring veggies or plop on a salad and voila.

Grilled Salmon Fillet

1 lb salmon fillet
Salute Santé Lemon Grapeseed Oil
Salt and Pepper

Marinate salmon fillet in Salute Santé! Lemon Grapeseed Oil for  one hour. Sprinkle with pepper. Grill on barbecue for 3 minutes on each side. Remove from barbecue and place on foil. Sprinkle with salt. Seal for 5 minutes. Place back on barbecue in foil, skin side down covered. Cook for 3 minutes. Serve immediately. Serves two.


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