Italian Charm and Authentic Gelato comes to Napa!

How delighted I was to discover that an Italian trained Gelato Master was opening a gelateria in downtown Napa!  Napa is certainly enjoying a "coming into it's own" with Italian gems like Oenotri, Ca'Momi and further upstream in Yountville, Bottega, bringing me my true Italian fix.

But I never thought that dense, velvety, subtle, yet magical-flavoured and truly Italian gelato would ever be a daily possibility as it was for me in Italy.  And more than that, once you meet the family, you'll be embraced with that Italian hospitality, even though they are American.  Anthony lived in Italy for 30 years, which may go to explain some of it, as also would their upbringing in an Italian family.

Gelato Master, Dr Anthony LuPriore and his wife, Elizabeth 

Once you've been able to drag your eyes away from the gelato case, you'll notice paninis, biscotti, Illy coffee and lots of other delicacies making this a perfect stop any time of day.  My recommendation: start with the Nocciola (hazelnut), Pistachio or Anthony's signature Pistachio, Pine Nut and Mascarpone, and mix it with a fresh sorbetto like Lemon Apricot, made with apricots from the town's farmers market, or the Pluoto!

For the real cult health nuts, Anthony gave me a taste of his new Roast Almond Butter and Flax seed - what a knockout - healthy pleasure indeed!

You'll find them on the waterfront development in Downtown right next to Morimoto.

Illy, Perfectly poured anyone?

So, here's your next Italian day in Napa - start with a coffee fix at Ritual Roaster in the Oxbow Market, grab a bike and ride to Yountville and back, then have a perfectly crusty thin pizza at Ca Momi, stroll back to the waterfront and sit and enjoy a gelato at Frati, back home or hotel to relax,snooze and change up for a wonderful rustic dinner at Oenotri or Bottega!

Make sure you ask Anthony the story behind all the pictures and "store props". 
It's worth the time, believe me!


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