Truffles on Murray Circle Tasting Menu

Not only is the  Cavallo Point Lodge blessed with glorious views of the Golden Gate Bridge (or rolling romantic fog), it is also blessed with a young, vibrant chef, Justin Everett, whose food shines as much as he does!

I recently discovered that he was using the last of the Australian Winter Black Truffles on his elegant and eclectic tasting menu I had heard about, so I just had to run down and try it out!  Here's the photos to whett your appetite!  Let's hope it continues with the European or American aromatic 'ugly' melanosporum (and then back to the Aussie gems for summer).

"Chef" is just "he" between "c"orn and "f"ungi, as Justin proves in this Corn Vichyssoise with truffles!  (Bit sexist I know, to those many fine female chefs out there).

Or luxuriate in Justin's Lobster Agnolotti with Chanterelle Mushrooms, Sweet Corn and Australian Truffle, Tarragon Butter Emulsion. Visit Chef Justin at!


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